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Wireless remote water meter

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The wireless remote water meter is based on a mechanical water meter, with dual Hall sampling counting, equipped with electronic module units, ultra-low power design to achieve real-time communication, meeting the needs of smart city construction; The metrological performance of the product complies with the national standards for 'quoting cold water meters' the industry standards for' electronic remote transmission water meters' of the Ministry of Construction.

Features of wireless remote water meter products:

Instant wake-up, real-time communication, automatically entering a low-power state after communication is completed;

Advantages such as high anti-interference, high reliability, high sensitivity, long transmission distance;

Reasonable time division multiple access algorithm can reduce the probability of data collision ensure the success rate of communication;

The system architecture is flexible, easy to install, easy to maintain, effectively saves construction costs;

Fully sealed design, waterproof grade IP68.


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