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Related to you my future NB IoT smart water meter is like this

11:20:17 21/03/2020

With the rapid development of communication equipment, all kinds of high-tech gadgets are in people's eyes. Mobile communication is moving towards the connection between people things things. NB smart water meter is the leader among them. Get to know.

NB IoT smart water meter does need to provide power supply, low power consumption technology is the advantage of this water meter, only need to complete the data collection work at the moment of meter reading, so the service life is greatly increased.

With the continuous improvement of NB-IOT IoT smart water meter technology, NB-IOT communication technology effectively reduces the load on the network, effectively guarantees the normality rapidity of transmission, allows users to ensure the transmission of water data. At the same time, the NB-IOT IoT smart water meter also has the characteristics of low power consumption. Under normal use conditions, the standby time of the battery of the water meter is extended, which effectively increases the service life of the NB-IOT IoT smart water meter. Overall solution.

It communicates with the server through the narrow-band Internet of Things, realizes the automatic remote meter reading of the water consumption, effectively avoids the manual work of the meter reading at the management department. The water meter also has a valve control function, which is convenient for the management department to control the water consumption of the water meter, making remote meter reading control convenient reliable.

Advantages: The water consumption can be controlled according to the agreement, the water fee calculation of the stepped water price can be automatically completed, the function of water consumption data storage can be performed at the same time. Data transfer transaction settlement are carried out through the IC card, which has the characteristics of convenient transactions, accurate calculations, settlement by banks.

The above is all about the NB IoT smart water meter, I hope this article will help you.