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The old iron takes you to understand the NB IoT smart water meter

11:30:00 21/03/2020

With the progress of the times, more more novel products brought by high technology, NB IoT smart water meter came into being. This is a new generation of remote water meter, which can use NB-IoT to realize the transmission intelligentization of data control commands Identify, locate, track, monitor manage, let ’s take a closer look.

NB-IoT, the full name of Narrow Band Internet of Things, also known as Narrowband Internet of Things, is a low-power wide area network (LPWAN) broadcast technology developed by the 3GPP to serve a wide range of cellular networks devices. It was born in May 2014, the NB-M2M technology jointly proposed by Huawei Vodafone, then evolved into NB-CIoT; in July 2015, Nokia, Ericsson, Intel proposed NB-LTE technology, then 3GPP on the above two We started to develop standards determined the standards in July 2016, NB-IoT was formally formed.

The characteristics of NB IoT smart water meter: protection grade: IP68; low power consumption design; flexible upload frequency setting: data upload cycle can be set; built-in antenna: stable reliable signal, full coverage without blind area; large-capacity storage: can be frozen for up to 24 Monthly data 31-day data are frozen; the system uses B / S architecture: browser login is sufficient; mobile WeChat applet: login, usage query, online payment; built-in 6-year communication fee, no need to renew midway.

It expands the carrying capacity of the system through more carrier waves can support millions of Internet of Things connections. NB-IOT IoT smart water meter also reduces the transmission rate, while also enhancing the signal coverage. It is 20dB more than the traditional GPRS water meter, the number of network connections per carrier can be limited to 200,000, which greatly increases the area of information transmission.

The correct use of these products can bring convenience to people's lives, I believe its popularity will increase in the near future.