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What is the architecture of the NB IoT smart water meter?

11:34:01 21/03/2020

In the face of these new products that have never been seen, many people will be curious about its composition. Nowadays, the NB IoT smart water meter that is vigorously promoted must be the same, so today we may wish to explore together to see what is inside. How it works.

The smart water meter based on NB-IoT technology can be divided into the following four parts bottom to top if the system architecture is constructed according to the end-pipe-cloud: one is the terminal layer; two is divided into the network layer, such as core network wireless Access network, etc .; three is IoT platform; four is water application layer.

  Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: DC3.6V (life time of one lithium ion battery is 8-10 years) Static current: ≤8uA Sending current: ≤250mA Transmitting power: 23dBm ± 2dB Communication method: BAND5850MHz (including 8 years of communication flow) Drive current: 200mA Temperature: Cold water meter 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, hot water meter 0 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ Working environment: temperature: -25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ humidity: ≤95% RH

NB-IoT Core: Its main function is to realize interaction with the non-access layer of the terminal, complete UE business contract management UE authentication authentication, transmit all business data to the platform for subsequent analysis processing. The core network can be set up individually, the core network can be shared with LTE. In the process of deploying the network, in order to effectively reduce the total number of physical network elements, different core network elements can be deployed uniformly to form a service network management node.

NB-IoT platform: it collects all business data obtained different access networks, at the same time can send data to the processor based on different types, prepare for subsequent processing, realize connection, enable, data management connection Perception, diagnosis control. In addition, the platform can achieve access to various terminals by using relevant protocols interfaces. At this time, for the upper-layer industry, the terminal can be subject to object management without physical connection data transmission of the terminal device.

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