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You do n’t understand the good water meter

11:35:49 21/03/2020

Perhaps most people do know that there are many types of water meters. Today we are going to introduce remote water meters, which are composed of ordinary mechanical water meters plus electronic acquisition transmission modules. The electronic module completes signal collection, data processing, storage, passes data. The communication line is uploaded to the repeater the handheld meter reading device.

The meter body of the remote water meter adopts an integrated design. It can record save the user's water consumption in real time. Each water meter has a unique code. When the smart water meter receives the meter reading instruction, it can immediately upload the water meter data to the management system. .

There are many types of remote water meters: the basic surface includes wet, dry, copper, iron, vertical, horizontal. In terms of sensing method, it is also divided into pulse type, direct reading type, direct reading type; the acquisition side is divided into bus type line type; the communication protocol also includes RS485, Mbus, CMbus; the long-distance transmission is divided into wired, Wireless so on.

Advantages: Simple construction short construction period can reduce the labor cost invested in the early stage of the system. With the increasing labor cost today, it can reduce the economic pressure of the water company. The remote water meter has been recognized by many water supply companies for its advantages of real-time collection of water meter data, the ability to obtain a complete water volume fluctuation chart for analysis reduce the labor cost of manual meter reading. After nearly 20 years of development history, the remote water meter has a wide variety of flowers varieties, its supporting meter reading system is also diverse.

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