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Want to know the secret of prepaid water meters?

18:21:02 21/03/2020

Water meters are also updated with the development of technology, which affects our daily life. Today's prepaid water meters are very convenient to use. This time we will unlock its secrets.

When using it, please note that although the price of prepaid water meters is high, it is relatively intelligent "precious", so do insert debris other similar cards into the card slot to prevent Affect the normal water supply of users. Generally speaking, the prepaid water meter needs to be isolated high temperature high humidity, it is recommended to be installed in a high magnetic environment. For details, please refer to the rules regulations for the use of prepaid water meters.

The main chip of the electronic control module: it is the core component of data collection, processing, display storage of the charge base meter, also the technical core of the prepaid water meter, which shows the technology quality level of such water meters. The quality technology of the main chip are uneven; some have adopted the large-scale integrated circuit of the US Ti company as the main chip. The technology is mature, powerful, stable. This technology is in a leading position in the domestic prepaid water meter manufacturing industry. The adoption of this technology is the first in the domestic prepaid industry to launch a single-cartridge five-meter product, which meets the needs of multi-meter installations in multiple-story buildings multiple housing units for one owner.

Usage: 1. User account opening: After the water meter is installed, the valve has been opened when the user card is swiped. At this time, the overdraft water volume of the water meter is used. When the user swipes the user card to the meter for the first time, it indicates that the meter has opened an account. Automatically deducted water consumption. 2. Reading method: When users usually want to check their water consumption, they put the user card in the RF induction area of the water meter to wake up the water meter. At this time, your new cumulative water consumption remaining water will be displayed on the LCD screen in sequence. 3. Card swipe error: If the user swipes the card too fast does put it in the correct position during the card swiping process, the wrong card character will be displayed then the cumulative, remaining, newly purchased water volume will be displayed.

The above is all about prepaid water meters. If you are confused, you may check our website for information.