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Note that prepaid water meters also have tips!

18:21:43 21/03/2020

As a new type of water meter, prepaid water meters are essential to our lives, so we must pay attention to the correct use method when using it. The following content should help you.

Prepaid time scale function: Low voltage detection: When the battery voltage is lower than 3.8V, the motor valve will be closed "undervoltage" "valve closed" will be displayed. A new battery needs to be installed before it can be used again. Magnetic protection function: When there is a strong magnetic field close, the meter will display "alarm" close the valve. Retain the mechanical word wheel display: the whole watch has both mechanical electronic display functions.

Electronic control valve: due to the water quality of the pipe network, the damage to the water meter valve is more serious, which directly affects the charging measurement of the prepaid smart water meter. The selection of the electronic control valve requires long life, high switch reliability, small pressure loss, is in use. It is easy to scale. At present, ceramic valves are a better choice.

Valve closing alarm: The remaining water volume is insufficient.When the remaining water volume is reduced to the alarm water volume (the alarm water volume is set by the management department), the valve will be automatically closed to remind the user to purchase water in time. At this time, the user can use his user card to swipe to open the valve If you continue to use water, the valve will be automatically closed every 1 to remind users to purchase water. When the remaining water volume is reduced to 0, you can open the valve into the overdraft state by swiping the user card to continue to use water (applicable when the management department has set the overdraft water volume) .When the overdraft water volume continues to be used, the valve is automatically closed the user card cannot be used Open, only after the user re-purchases the water to recharge, the valve can be opened to continue to use water, the amount of overdraft water used is subtracted. Battery shortage reminder: When the battery voltage of the water meter falls below the set value, the water meter valve will automatically close.At this time, the user card can be used to open the valve continue to use water.After 48 hours, if the battery is replaced, the valve will be closed, only the replacement The valve can only be opened after the battery. When the battery is low, the management department should be notified in time to replace the battery. The water meter will automatically prompt when the battery is low.

Believes that with the advancement of technology, the popularity of prepaid water meters will become wider wider, more convenient products will be replaced with new ones.